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Mya Royal – Fashioning a Life in Plymouth

By Tara Woomer

Mya Royal was raised in Plympton but now lives in Plymouth with her twin boys and her three dogs. Her life is centered around family, fashion, art, sewing, printmaking, and painting. She is a fashion designer who creates clothing for clients who seek unique, original pieces. Her studio, also called Mya Royal, is located at Once Park Place. She Plans to open a second location this fall. Mya studied art in college and lived abroad after graduation, but she now calls Plymouth home. “Plymouth definitely feels like home. It’s a really nice neighborhood here. Opening my shop felt like coming out of hiding. It can be more frightening than anything else to expose yourself, but I feel very very safe here. I feel like I’ve had a lifetime of adventure that’s all coming together and all boiling down to something sweet,” said Mya.

Mya creates custom order items such as wedding apparel, dresses, handbags, prom gowns, jackets, or anything else a client might want. She specializes in monotype printmaking.

“I incorporate fabric and printmaking. They’re intertwined. That’s my strength. I add a fine art element into fashion design,” said Mya

Mya said although the life of any artist is never simple or easy, you just have to stay the course.

“It can be really difficult at certain points, but you do not give up under any circumstances. I think the secret to the success of an artist is simultaneously to listen to the specific ideas of customers coming in the door and still be able to pivot, offer your critique, and accept direction. I kind of have a wealth of compatible skills which I use to create something marketable. It’s exciting for customers who choose to put their money into that instead of going to the mall and buying some stuff. It’s nice to acquire a garment that is really artwork and can become an heirloom. It feels holistic in that way. It’s not fast fashion,” said Mya.

Mya can be reached at and at +1-ROYAL-70007. Her studio is located at 1 Park Place, but it shows up in GPS as 11 Memorial Drive.

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