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The decadence of custom made apparel is sadly unknown to many. But, Mya Royal brings the real deal to America's hometown, and to you. In the smooth process of defining your style ideals, and implementing an expertly crafted production plan with this master artisan, your authenticity shines.

Ready - To - Wear

Combining the best of both worlds, Mya Royal has planted the seed of art in the fertile ground of fashion to grow her namesake brand. Ready-made apparel for the whole family, and lifestyle items printed in her signature artwork using 100% Recycled packaging & ethically sourced materials bring a vivacious love for life into view on a daily basis.

Fur Rental

Who has a closet full of foxes, rabbits, and minks - all getting along? We do! Our collection of incredible vintage furs, all in impeccable condition are available for special occasion rental at a small fee. Stoles, wraps, coats long and short - choose from a variety of sumptuous pieces just waiting to show you in your best light at that very special moment.


Fashion photography has come a long way since the days of Twiggy. Enjoy an exclusive photo session in the spacious waterfront atelier of Mya Royal, who has years of experience in the field. From classic portraiture to glamour and more, the genre and styling are your choice. Capture your good side in your best light with this highly personalized professional service.

If you can't go naked, suit up.

When you reach for it, it is second nature. You are on autopilot. It is as much a part of your routine as is the passing of each second. Your very currency in every interchange is printed all over it. It’s your go to, your fall back, your fail safe. It is what you rely upon, and it's here. Relax and proceed with confidence. Be yourself. Be Royal.



I had a vision for my blush wedding dress that I really wasn’t able to find in a store. When I approached Mya about a custom dress she was open, excited, and full of great ideas. She was always patient and thoughtful about tucking this and adding that, and was truly a pleasure to work with. It is clear that Mya is incredibly skilled at her craft and her talent shines through in the gorgeous dress she made for me. I am so in love with the end result and I can’t thank her enough!

Carly in Plymouth, Massachusetts

I wanted to give special pajamas to each one of my seven bridesmaids at my rustic wedding party. Mya made beautiful flannel sleepwear sets with personalized monograms for them all. Everyone loved them, and many people wanted to order more!

Kerry in Plymouth, Massachusetts

Mya made a custom leather handbag for me, built entirely to my specifications. I was originally inspired by a weekender she had made from ostrich skin and gold leather, but wanted something smaller for everyday use. She designed a similar bag for me out of gold and snake embossed leathers. It is gorgeous! Perfect for going out, it’s stylish, unique, and very light weight. I have used this bag a lot.

Jennifer in Florence, Italy

Mya did beautiful work altering my wedding dress here in Florence. Her attention to detail and my figure were perfect! I will always appreciate how gorgeous she made my dress on such an important day!

Christine in Florence, Italy



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