Slow fashion is a way of life. We believe in being responsible, ethical, and eco-friendly.

Cherish yourself, your story, and your environment. We do! That’s why we are a part of the slow fashion movement. It is a rejection of fast fashion, which is notorious for crimes against nature and human rights. We believe that it’s not just okay to keep your clothing for a long time – it’s great! And, we know how to create timeless pieces that can even last for generations. That’s why we use the term “hierloom garment” so often in our atelier.

We customize your apparel with care and craft with integrity. Did you ever think of the person who actually makes the clothing you put all over your body every day? How he or she makes them? Where they are made and under what conditions? With us, you know everything. We can be transparent because we want to be on the right side of fashion history.

We are part of a reliable network of sustainable suppliers, and in-house experts who craft every handmade product. Our special made-to-order business model allows us to operate in a safe ethical manner with minimal environmental impact. All of our bespoke products are handmade to order and crafted with the highest quality, ethically sourced materials, and packaging made from 100% recycled materials.

We practice slow fashion because we want to be remembered for the quality of products we deliver, not the waste we leave behind. Zero inventory and ethically sourced materials eliminates environmental risks by excess stock and mass production. Even our ready to wear products are made to order per your request, and boutique stock is always special edition and small-batch production. It also means that you will be the only one wearing your special piece in any given circumstance.

Please join us in our quest to make slow fashion the new normal.