If you can’t go naked, real fashion starts here.

MYA ROYAL is an artist and fashion designer. She operates a traditional European-style atelier on the waterfront in Plymouth, Massachusetts, also called “America’s Hometown.” In an effort to expand the new couture-bespoke studio beyond the realm of custom projects, and to create a true fashion brand, with consistently high quality ready-to-wear consumer items we at MYA ROYAL are launching a fundraiser! Please use the donate button above to show your support.

The Business

The mission of MYA ROYAL is to bring the highest standard of excellence in handcrafted traditional European couture and bespoke fashion to America’s Hometown. It is also to encourage the wonderful lifestyle of the Mediterranean people right here in the USA.

The United States has suffered for too long from some alienation in the fashion world, due to the very European nature of couture and its history. MYA ROYAL aim’s to close that gap for the average American by starting a true house of fashion in Plymouth, Massachusetts, complete with a full e-commerce platform and virtual tailoring services. The atelier produces handmade suits and gowns, including wedding gowns and other heirloom garments; expertly crafted leather goods, like sandals, handbags, and jackets; artesian items for the home, such as natural hand-poured aromatherapy candles, and hand-glazed ceramics; along with many more unique treasures.

All fashion illustrations and related artwork made in conjunction with the business are on display at the atelier for sale as well. This offers customers a comprehensive brand identity to which they can subscribe. Customers can arrive in person at the local studio, or visit the online shop to make purchases and commission special projects. A special order application for mobile web is also in the works to enable easy account management and project initiation for bespoke clients.

MYA ROYAL is preparing to launch a line of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories too. The product line will include basic items like leather sandals and handbags, along with regular apparel such as shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, fashion jewelry, scarves, hats, and more.

All products are produced on site in the atelier by the artist and her direct assistants. MYA ROYAL also provides vintage fashion restoration services. This fills a void in American fashion bringing customers away from unethical “fast fashion” and giving them something of lasting value instead. In Plymouth, Massachusetts, and the surrounding area there are very limited resources for fashion. This has always been the case.

MYA ROYAL ends the draught.

The Community

There is an endless market for this kind of business, but it is the intention of MYA ROYAL to start with local clientele. It is her mission to bring sustainable unique clothing to her community. The presence of an authentic couturiére in a community is a sign of high level societal development, something that Plymouth, Massachusetts warrants.

Business professionals, brides and bridesmaids, prom attendees, tourists, art collectors, and everyday people make up the client base for MYA ROYAL. According to the United States Census Bureau, the Plymouth area is densely populated, well-educated, hard-working, and high-earning. This can be seen just by spending a little time around town. There are nearly 60,000 residents in the town of Plymouth alone, 95% of whom are high school graduates or higher. Two-thirds of the population is working in the civilian labor force. The town sees nearly $20,000 of retail spending per capita in Plymouth every year, which is notably higher than the national average of just over $13,000 yearly per person. The median household income here is over $80,000 per year, in contrast to the national average of $55,000/year. And poverty in Plymouth is at half the national average, 6.2% as opposed to 12.7%. In short, Plymouth residents tend to study hard, work hard, earn well and spend generously. This is a prime location for a high fashion company, as residents here have both the need for fashion of the highest quality, and the means to acquire it.

There are already roughly fifteen thousand online followers internationally between MYA ROYAL’s combined social media pages. So, one can expect rapid international growth in the near future.

Starting a business is full of excitement – and expenses. Funds garnered here will be used for incorporation fees, initial marketing and advertising, basic supplies and equipment, mobile application and website development. Some of the funds will also be allocated for reclaiming professional materials and merchandise from the original shop in Florence, which are currently still in storage in Italy. Product development for the ready-to-wear line will be amply funded by the donations accepted through this campaign as well.

Many thanks to all of the wonderful friends, interns, customers, supporters, and backers who have made this all possible! This enterprise all about you! Thank you for believing in the power of creative entrepreneurship!