Mya Royal is an entrepreneurial artist working in the high fashion arena. She has operated her own independent fashion business since 2009 in the United States and Italy. The atelier is open by appointment to clients interested in acquiring bespoke apparel, and the online shop is available worldwide. When Royal began preparations to launch her first ready-to-wear collection, she drew on many years of experience and seamlessly integrated her artwork into the textile designs of her fashions – activewear and daily lifestyle items printed with her signature art and styled for practicality and usability. Primarily, Royal’s work is in fine art printmaking, painting, and exceptional made-to-order apparel including heirloom garments like wedding attire and formal daywear like bespoke suits. Quality leather goods such as jackets and handbags have also been among her favorite design commissions, and theater costumes among the noteworthy. Her artworks and fashion items can be found in private and public collections on both sides of the Atlantic.

She was born in Boston as a dual citizen of Italy and the USA. Her mother was a visual artist and her father, a government healthcare administrator. Royal held her first solo fashion show at age eighteen as part of a self-directed high school independent study. Later, as an undergraduate student, she sold her first large-scale permanent public art installation to her own university for about the cost of one year’s tuition. Royal went on to complete a master’s program in fashion design in the historic center of Florence, Italy, where she next opened her own atelier. Royal has also had the opportunity to work with some of the most famous fashion houses in the world such as Versace and Ferragamo. She has been privileged to work in extraordinary collaborative art studios, and to exhibit her artwork as well. Mya has been awarded internationally for her academic, professional, and volunteer efforts. These experiences have all informed her overall product aesthetic and approach to client services. Her activities are motivated by a deep respect for individuality, liberty, and good will..